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Good thing this guide is here for you for these reasons.

-Explain exactly what mining is.
-Why you make money by mining, and why it is an investment for the future.
-What are the different types of mining and which one to choose?

The basics of crypto-currency mining

Without going into the technical details, we will explain to you what a miner does and why he brings you crypto-currencies.

Whether it is Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, these operate on a blockchain, which is a register of transactions (like a digital book where all transactions are recorded from one person to another). To "note" these transactions on the blockchain and secure them, they must be encrypted. And that's where the miner comes in. Thanks to specific machines and high computing power, it will secure transactions on the blockchain. These computational powers are expressed in Hash per second (MH/S, GH/S, TH/S) or in Soils per second (Sol/S, MSol/S, GSol/S).
You will have understood it the more powerful a machine is to undermine the transactions of a cryptocurrency the more powerful this measure will be. But in order to be able to offer a remuneration to these miners, each currency that can be mined gives a reward in this currency (Bitcoins for the bitcoin blockchain for example) and this is how monetary creation is done on these currencies. And so the more powerful our mining power is on this cryptocurrency, the more we will receive cryptocurrencies as a reward. So we can represent this with a decentralized banknote sheet where everyone can participate. To then collect this miner currency, you just need to create or have a wallet crypto-currencies. And to informon your miner, the address of your miner. This way, your earnings will automatically be credited to your Wallet Adresses that you create.

For the choice of your mining equipment, know that there is today a very wide choice of cryptocurrencies to mine and therefore of mining machines.
Here we got 2 -->

Graphics card mining machines: Graphics card mining machines is the first generation machine. They are generally less profitable in a specific currency but more secure in terms of investment. It must be admitted that they are less and less used to mine on large investments because they are less suitable for mining today than ASICs, which are less profitable and less stable. Nevertheless, we
know that some clients still like their flexibilities because they theoretically allow to undermine any currency and the lower risk on the investment.

ASIC Miners: Asics miners, are second generation machines created exclusively for mining.
These are much better adapted to mining and are much more profitable.

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