How to play!!

1: Download the Game client (will patch automatical new game files) (AVAIBLE SOON)
2: Run the downloaded Game.exe
3: Select in Game "start new Game"
4: Enter your Home, the old Cave, and use the red Switch to play online or offline

Explore a Magical, Crypto Futuristic, Time travel MMORPG and slay some Big Monster on your way!
Each monster gives you also gold nuggets. Sell them in item store to buy gear.
Battle other players with your Skills on any map! open world pvp.
Defeat the stage bosses, be rewarded with legendary Gear.
Group with other player to defeat even higher bosses!
Battle other players with your Skills on any map! open world pvp currently (pvp arena in future updates)

Find secret Rooms

Use Laptops to "join the Darknet" and download some Rifles.
For example: Equip this rifles like a weapon, to gain additional rifle skills, like headshot,
wich have high cooldowns but extreme damage and opens a new tactical patch of gameplay.

Play with a Active Battle System and with Keyboard + mouse like in Big wellknowed MMO´s

Klick leftmouse to walk or to get a enemy in target.
Use skills with Keybuttons 1, 2, 3, ..
Klick ESC to view Menue, Stats, Skills, Items, Equipment and more

Prealpha version!
Lot of content missing!
-EXP and a Basic lootsystem will be added in upcoming patches

Alpha "ERROR": Currently its not possible to create a charakter by starting a game.
That means, when u join a online session, you will always get the a hero depending
on your currently place at the server. You never knows who played this hero before,
what kind of gear or how much cash he got. Sounds strange but funny? yes it is :)
To avoid all bugs, we play currently like this to finish all alpha tests.

any questions?
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