Do you want to Help defeat the Corona Virus?
Do you have a Powerful PC or laptop at Home?
Then Help with the Execution of Simulations
to find an Antidote for COVID-19.

Download a simple Program, start it and see how it Calculates, or let it run in the Background while you continue to use your Device as normal. This Program automatically simulates (calculates) antidote formulas. Any simulation that runs this Program could be the Antidote sought.
For example, it could be the Performance of your Graphics Card or Maybe the Processor from your Neighbor's Laptop, who finds the Antidote to COVID-19.

You also have the free Choice whether you want to fight other Diseases like
Cancer with this Program and if you Participate anonymously or with an Identity
with which you can collect Points for your Performance.
(You can also join our Team to bundle the Computing Power. Team Number: 133790)

Download the Program for Windows here -> Foldingathome.install
Download the Program for macOS here -> Foldingathome.mac.install

(After installing and starting the Program, choose in your Internet Browser the Options "any Disease" to Command the Program on the Computer to Calculate against Corona.
The Page in the Web Browser only serves as an Overview of your Computing Power.)

With the folding @ home program, which has been in existence since 2009,
you can also help defeat other diseases like breast cancer.

Alternative downloads for MAC OS, Ubuntu, Debian ect. -> Alternative Systems