What is Bean Cash?
-Its a Cryptocurrency that mines for you!
-Just keep them in Core or Discord Wallet and see them daily grow up like magic Beans!
-Yes, you will recieve every day more Beans just for holding Beans!
-Get also free daily Beans in our Discord Tip Bot Channel here > Discord

How to mine Beans?
Here we got 2 different Ways

Way 1.
-Deposit BTC here at Highpay and Buy Beans
-Send the Beans to your Discord Wallet
-Send it to the Staking Pool with !beantip stake all

(every Bean in the Staking Pool is like one tiny Miner more)

Way 2.
-Register Account > Miner Registration
-Log in your account with any Device and klick on start, to start with mining.
-After u mine a bit, go to the withdrawl Page in your Account and Select "Withdrawl Bean Cash"
to your own BeanCash Discord Wallet.
(You get a Bean wallet automatical if you join our Discord and type the command !beantip deposit)

You can mine with PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and other Devices at the same Time.
just go to your Miner Profile, klick on Settings, copy your private Mining link
and send him to other Devices u want to mine. )

BITB Wallets
We recommend our Discord Server Wallets if you want get more Beans across holding Beans.
Desktop Core Wallets, Android and more you can find here.

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