12 Reasons to mine with us

1. Quality not quantity. It is our top priority without exception.

2. Outstanding customer service. Only tailor-made individual customer advice from specialists.

3. High quality mining equipment.
Mining Equipment only In top quality.

4. Uncomplicated. Kryptika.net takes over and makes it easier for inexperienced people to start mining.

5. Cybersecurity. For us, customer safety is paramount, which is why we only work with secure data
and programs.

6. Inexpensive in comparison. In addition to the top quality we offer, we always try to get the best possible price on the global market for every mining device.

7. Pool, wallet & exchange deals. For all platforms and systems.

8. Cooled secured server halls in Vienna. At 0.10 cents per kw electricity price and high-speed internet as well as 24/7 support of the mining equipment.

9. Access to own miners in our Miningfarm. For advanced users.

10. Everything officially under contract. For legal protection.

11. A community. Own Discord server.

12. Multilingual customer service. In German and English.